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Do not shutdown Wave, Google!

August 5, 2010

Wave = Future Document Edit

After its first public release in this May, Wave has not really been endorsed and discussed very much by tech media. We have covered the Wave usability in this two articles, Google’s good and bad (1), What are the good parts of Google Wave usability?

However, Google seems really want to stop developing Google Wave as a standalone product due to the low user adoption.

I use Wave every day for keeping documents, notes, working with colleagues, for research. I like Wave, even it still has some issues as shown in our previous articles.

Many other people also like Wave, the following comments are from blippr.

Wave is too ahead of the time?

Many users have not realized the true power of real time editing document, real time collaboration. It needs time for people to know Wave, use Wave, and like Wave.

How to make Wave more adopted and usable?

(1) Integrate Wave to Gmail, make people know Wave.

(2) Integrate Wave to Google Doc, make people use Wave, especially small, medium teams to use Wave.

(3) Simply Wave, do not make it complex, most of public can not accept complex interface software. Make it stupid, make it naive.

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