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iWebkit vs IUI

August 5, 2010

Compete for making smart phone web apps

Both iWebkit and IUI are in the effort to make native looking iPhone or iPad web apps. This article aims to compare their advantages and disadvantages.

(1) Platform, both iWebkit and IUI are currently only good for developing apps for iPhone and iPad, but not for Android, Palm, Nokia. IUI has the potential to be used for different smart phone platforms, because it is not built entirely based on Safari webkit functions.

(2) Responsiveness, it is an important measure of the web apps. IUI seems slightly faster than iWebkit.  But, more extensive tests are needed. In case any one has made formal tests, please give comments.

(3) Size, the core file of IUI, iui,js, 16KB, the core file of iWebkit, function.js, 1KB. iWebkit uses Safari built in browser functions, which make its core JavaScript file size very small.

(4) Documentation, iWebkit is version 5.0,4, IUI is 0.3 stable. iWebkit has more documentation than IUI.  Since IUI is still in its early release stage, IUI may have some potentials to make the documentation better.

(5) Community, IUI has not really built any formal community, iWebkit has forum, where you can ask and answer questions.

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