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Using Havok engine to build cool game

August 6, 2010

Game Engine

Havok is a UK based game engine firm. It has Havok AI, Cloth, Animation, Behavior, Destruction, and Physics. Among them, Havok physics has already been used by various notable games, for example, Halo 3, badcompany2Cars, guitarhero, ironman2, Heavy RainStarcraft II. The Havok PC animation, physics, and behavior engine SDK can be also freely available for evaluation purpose.

Until present, this is possibly the only most reliable and sophisticated commercial game engine, freely opening the evaluation copy to public. The only rival of Havok is Nvidia PhysX, which also seems a little more open than Havok to open source community developers.

The followings are some demos for what Havok engine can do

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  1. Daniel permalink
    August 11, 2010 2:11 am

    This is fantastically realistic. Very nice engine.


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