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Lower the manufacturing cost of solar panel cells

August 8, 2010

Lower the cost

MIT researchers Bonna Newman and Tonio Buonassisi have successfully made the progress in lowering the manufacturing cost of the solar panel cells. The research finding is that the impurities of silicon migrate to the liquid portion, leaving regions of purer silicon as the product. By cleaning the impurities with the liquid form, the pure silicon can be manufactured for the purpose of computer chips, solar cells. The following shows the paper abstract published on Journal of Advanced Materials.

Retrograde melting (melting upon cooling) is observed in silicon doped with 3d transition metals, via synchrotron-based temperature-dependent X-ray microprobe measurements. Liquid metal-silicon droplets formed via retrograde melting act as efficient sinks for metal impurities dissolved within the silicon matrix. Cooling results in decomposition of the homogeneous liquid phase into solid multiple-metal alloy precipitates. These phenomena represent a novel pathway for engineering impurities in semiconductor-based systems.

Follow this link, you can see the Tonio’s presentation of the topic: Next Generation Solar Cells: Lowering Costs, Improving Performance and Scale.

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