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Managing hosts and virtual machines with ConVirt

August 10, 2010

Moving toward open Cloud

Convirture is a start-up company, which has achieved its milestone, version 2.0 stable.

Convirt has both open source and enterprise versions. It can be used to manage the hosts and virtual machines in a scalable environment. With Convirt, it is possible to build virtualized data center, which runs possibly thousands of instances of virtualization tools, XEN or KVM.

ConVirt open source 2.0 has following notable features

(1) User friendly interface, drag and drop, interactive

(2) 24/7 sever, data repository monitoring capability

(3) Remote deployment, not necessarily deploying the Convirt on the same managed server

(4) Scalable node management

(5) Use as needed, not allocating and utilizing the entire resources, which not time and energy efficient

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