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Tab Candy: keeps things tidy, handy, and sweet

August 12, 2010

Make delicious browsing

Have you ever felt tired of sorting up the tabs that you opened, maybe some of which are ones that you opened days or weeks ago and that appear sort of useful but that you have not had the momentum to finish reading or even to remember what that tab is about at all.

In many ways our browser just resembles our kitchen, except that we do not have to go shopping before we can eat or cook anything. Both could go in a mess easily, but there is some difference. In a messy kitchen, you may somehow feel everything is so handy despite of the visual discomfort; but a messy row (or rows) of tabs in a browser, is probably not so enjoyable, not to mention how unwieldy it becomes.

Want a clean way of keeping things tidy and handy? Go try out Tab Candy, now in alpha version, which is likely to be included in Firefox 4.

And do not forget to check out Aza Raskin’s website, and get to know more about the guy who is behind this fascinating design and who has been on the cover of Wires and who holds the creative lead for Firefox and who is the son of the guy who invented Mac, and more.

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