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Using opscode to scale your webserver and database

August 16, 2010

Automate the scalability

If you are running or will run a large web business, then you probably have the trouble of scalability. You have to need more and more man power to manage the web-server and database scalability.

The simple viable solution is to use some database which can be much easier linearly scaled, such as Cassandra. Of course, you also can choose to use Hadoop, which aims to be scaled in its heart. But, these might not be ideal solutions. You still need to write many scripts for managing webservers, databases, data backups, and data logs.

Opscode was created to fill this blank. It aims to automate the web server and database managements. Opscode is built on the top of Ruby, a very popular web programming language. Now there are already more than 100 and over 20 companies involved in the Opscode development progress. It also offers nice development documentation. It also supports the cloud service out of box.

You can find most of its open sourced codes on the Opscode Github page.

Opscode has been used by some very notable companies such as 37signals, fotopedia, scribd, and many more.


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