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Peter Duesberg: A great scientist, a huge debate

August 17, 2010

HIV ! -> AIDS ?

As a scientist, passion is almost everything. This is very true for Dr. Peter Duesberg. He isolated the first cancer gene as early as 1970. He also mapped the genetic structure. He was elected as National Academy of Sciences in 1986.

He is so ambitious. He is publicly against the traditional theory that HIV leads to AIDS. His theory was fortunately accepted by South Africa. It brought up the policy of persistent antipathy towards antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) in South Africa. Unfortunately, it has reported that such activity led to 330,000 premature deaths, source 1. Thirty five thousand babies were born with HIV. About 1.6 million person-years lost by not implementing a mother-to-child transmission prophylaxis program using nevirapine. The total lost benefits of ARVs are at least 3.8 million person-years for the period 2000-2005, source 2.

Very recently, Dr. Peter Duesberg’s another publication has also been criticized. In 2009, Dr. Peter has tried to send the publication defending the alleged mistake in South Africa to the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes. After it was rejected for the fact that he purposely avoided the non-supportive literatures in his publication. He re-sent the publication to the Journal of Medical Hypotheses, which does not require peer review. It was published, but re-peer-reviewed, and then withdrawn with these reasons.

What is science? Science means truth? Science means passion?

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