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Mindtouch partner with fusisgroup for European launch

August 17, 2010

Mindtouch in Europe

Mindtouch, the open source PHP and .net based content authoring and content management system, also claimed as the best alternative to the IBM Lotus is now partnered with fusisgroup for the Mindtouch European launch on 9.9.2010.

Compared with some other content management systems, which do not heavily emphasize the commercial values of the open source projects, MindTouch has more friendly user interface, much more powerful and customizable APIs, and fully considering the production scalability. It also has Dream script engine for wiki script parsing, which is similar to Lua engine.

Mintouch has made several big release in 2010.

(1) The Mintouch 2010 has built-in curation_analytics framework. It can more accurately and intelligently build the close connection between companies and customers, either existing ones or prospects.

(2)  MindTouch v10. It is designed for Enterprise Content Management scalability, security, and extensibility. The enterprise version has strong agility. V10 also support cloud host provided by Mintouch.

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