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Random fun stuff about open innovation and crowdsourcing

August 19, 2010

The happily crowded crowdsourcing market

Something fun

  • Mozilla Labs has kicked-off a project to crowdsource crowdsourcing.
  • Recently, BP’s arrogant response to InnoCentive‘s Oil Spill Challenge Project has obviously irritated CrowdSpring, and led to a “strikeback” by crowdSPRING for InnoCentive. And interestingly, the two websites share similar business models: Use crowd peer-competition to help crowdsourcers solve problems or attain creative designs.
  • Google Image Labeler – Participants label images and earn points for the same labels by other people. Something fun to kill time, and according to Google, “help improve the quality of Google’s image search results.”
  • Should CrowdSpring owners be ashamed of their business? Brian Yerkes, owner and creative director of Brian Joseph Studios, tells you why.
  • Open Innovators compiled a list of open innovation and crowdsourcing websites, categorized by their business models.
  • According to crowdSPRING‘s recent survey, 96% of buyers would recommend crowdSPRING.
  • Results for a scientific game at foldit has turned out a journal paper in Nature this month: networks of human minds beat algorithms at tackling protein folding.

Stunning slogans

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