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Sound Cloud, where open music goes

August 23, 2010

Creative Commons + Cloud + Mobile = Future Music

Sound Cloud, a startup with tons of audio clips and music featured by creative commons license, has attracted more than 1 million users per month Based on’s report, back to 8.2009, Sound Cloud only has 0.2 million visits per month. Within a year, the number of visits increased 5 times.

What makes Sound Cloud so attractive?

The music market is intensively competitive with Ilike,, pandora already on the market. The competition has turned many people away from even thinking about joining in this market. Sound Cloud is however ambitious enough to try this out without the fear to be defeated.

If you can quickly go through Sound Cloud’s Blog, you can find the why Sound Cloud has such confidence right away. Creative commons license is the Sound Cloud’s killing feature.

The concept of creative commons license is not dramatically new. As our previous articles, Open and free music, there are also some other creative commons music sites.

The uniqueness of Sound Cloud lies in the following facts. (1) It has a close relationship with numerous musicians, for example, stretta, eardrumspop, ianhooper, who are also excited about the creative commons license music. (2) Many small and unknown bands are eager for the free service to promote themselves. Sound Cloud has done excellent job in promoting these bands. (3) Sound Cloud is developer’s friendly. It has provides detailed documents to developers to use Sound Cloud service API. These APIs can be found on the Sound Cloud at GitHub.  (4) Sound Cloud knows iPhone, iPad, iTouch are the current popular devices used for listening music. They have developed Apps for these mobile devices. (5) Sound Cloud is in the Could, which is possibly the future for how music will be hosted.

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