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What’s the best next move?

August 23, 2010

Move, best move!, as the front of, has achieved significant commercial success. It is still unclear how much the real revenue of the The number of visits per month is top among many popular blog platforms. There are also countless websites using paid service. This can contribute a huge revenue! These two facts can possibly indicate is in a good shape.

The total of new posts per day on are around 350,000 as of today, with 34 million visits per month. The statistics of other blog platforms is as following,, 2M/month, blogspot, 58 M/month, tumblr, 8 M/month, typepad, 10 M/month. blogger, 10 M/month.

What is the possible WordPress best next move?

From my own experiences,  i would very like to support the user registration function on the NewsiCare blog. Put it very simple, should support the function that allows users register in NewsiCare and become the members of NewsIcare rather than The user should feel they are members of Newsicare and contribute and share their thoughts in NewsiCare.

Is this ridiculous?

Many people might feel this is a ridiculous idea. Ning’s fail in early of 2010 might already tell this is ridiculous. The group function does not work very well.  Why we want to follow the same path of Ning, which has been proven not workable. True, Ning indeed did not work very well. It is because (1) Ning did not have huge user base as (2) Ning is not built on the top of open source project, which means it does not have many very loyal users. Ning only has 8M/month visits, However, has 34 M/month visits. Many bloggers using want to scale their blog platforms to a more sociable website. This is the real need! It is not a ridiculous need.

Why this is important?

The simple answer is that if doest not support this feature, NewsiCare will have to start its own platform in the future to scale its model, which allows user to register on NewsiCare. This is also possibly true for many other blogs which currently use as the writing platform.

Is it a good business model for

There is going to be a natural worry that this move can lead to the loss of loyal user to This could be a conflict to the WordPress business growth. However, if we can think this question a little deeper and more comprehensive, we can find all users will still use as the platform. All user interfaces are designed by  All themes are designed by open source developers and designers. can still control the advertisement. All users know they still work on the WordPress platoform. They know they still belong to platform. The user loyalty is not lost.

By making this move, WordPress can start to charge more users, who want to turn their blog websites to more powerful social network sites. These users will be willing to accept a reasonable monthly fee. For NewsiCare, we will be very willing to pay $9.99 – $19.99 per month. Why? There are two simple reasons.  (1) All our articles are on  (2) Google search engine indexes our every single post right after it is published. There is no need to build another platform, which is unknown to Google, Bing search engine.

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    September 13, 2010 12:50 pm

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