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280 North was acquired by Motorola for $20M

August 24, 2010

Open source 280 North worth $20 M!

280 North, the open source startup for creating the rich internet applications, was acquired by Motorola for $20 million. 280 North has Cappuccino and Objective J.

Cappuccino can be used to build the web application, which is competitive to the desktop applications. Cappuccino hides complex parts of HTML, CSS, and Javascipt. Objective J is also frequently cited as Javascript 2, which is distinguished from the current Javascript 1.5. Objective J is an object oriented Javascript, which has also adopted the Apple Objective C, Cocoa programming style.

By using Cappuccino, developers created the noteable sites such as 280slides, gomockingbird, enstore, githubissues, timetableapp,

The 280 North was founded by former Apple employees Francisco Tolmasky, Tom Robinson (not workable site), Ross Boucher. The 280 North’s direct challenger is sproutcore, which is also an open source project, founded by former Apple employees.

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