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Android should make my phone work more like a phone

August 27, 2010

Please fix it

Open source Android becomes more and more popular. The Android phone sales (27%) actually have already overtaken the iPhone sales (23%) in US.

I heard from friends Android phone works great, plus i am an open source enthusiast, Android phone is my first choice when comes to buy my first smart phone. I have a Verizon wireless account for years. Verizon also continuously remind me i am qualified for the smart phone upgrade with a good rebate!  I then purchased the HTC incredible from Verizon last month with $199.99.

Everything goes well. One thing indeed annoying is within three weeks, the phone has been in a force close loop at least three times. This typically happens when I quickly (sometimes in a hurry) pull out the phone from my pocket upon the call. Force close during picking up a call is not only limited to my phone. It is also reported by others. With the force close upon the call, i basically can not get the call through. The android operating system is stuck in an infinite loop. My phone just simply ring forever without allowing me to pick up the call. Since i even can not turn off the phone when the force close happens, I just simply get the battery out and restart the phone.

I have never experienced failing to pick up a call due to the force close with my previous phones, however i am pretty sure i will continue to have this force close problem when picking up the call with my Android. Android as the excellent and the most successful mobile phone operating system should consider fixing this problem, please make the phone work very robust to call and accept a call.

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