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Intel Atom developer program opens the mobile computation

August 29, 2010

Intel open development platform

With the popularity of iPhone, Android, Netbook, Mobile computation becomes one of main focuses of software developers. Intel Atom developer program opens the mobile computation platform, which also allows developers make some revenue based on their apps .

First of all, what is Intel Atom processor? It is the product line of X86 based on 45 nm CMOS technology, widely being used in Netbooks, mobile devices, for example:

  1. HP Prepping dual-core atom loaded netbooks,
  2. Samsung – Netbook,
  3. VILIV – Netbook
  4. Asus – Eee PC Netbook
  5. Gateway – Netbook

With so many mobile and Netbook devices using Intel Atom processor, this software market is lucrative.

The recently launched Intel Atom Developer Program provides free SDK to developers to allow developers easily get started to build various applications. The documentation is also complete. There are already numerous showcases demonstrating what can be achieved by the SDK. The showcases include the Facebook connection, Twitter connection, Flash, iPhone apps, and paint examples.

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