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Three approaches for using jQuery on Rails

September 1, 2010

jQuery + Rub on Rails = Power

Even NodeJS has emerged as the tomorrow Web programming star, Ruby on Rails is still very popular in Web programming and continue to grow due to its simplicity and object orientated nature.

jQuery is another open source Javascript framework used by many Web programmers. There are three popular ways for using jQuery on Rails.

(1) JRails is very popular for over 3 years. There is a good tutorial how to use JRails on Rails. However, people still complains the fact that JRails make the application very tied to the RJS template.

(2) Rails 3 brings a built in support for jQuery on Rails called ujs. It is a rails plugin. It is simpler to use and make the code cleaner.  There is also a demo of ujs created by Erik St. Martin.

(3) Here is bare bone approach. It basically do everything manually without using any heavy framework.

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