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Is it possible to build an open&interactive film as your business?

September 3, 2010

Think something new!

We have covered Google experiments with several articles before. Google experiments is a Google’s frontier to push the development of HTML5 based application. Very recently, Google experiments launched another demo called thewildernessdowntown. This demo has two distinctions from other demos (1) It is made by Google team using HTML5 technique (2) It is an art as well as film. This demo is impressive for what HTML5 can really achieve including the video control, the Canvas manipulation, and the multiple threads control.

Today we will not focus on the technical side, but rather the feasible business model side.

As a current, most of HTML5 demos are solely used to demonstrate the power of HTML5, e.g. for what HTML5 can do. But not many ones can be potentially used for a possible business startup yet. Thewildernessdowntown’s “we used to wait” film points another possible online business model. It is to use interactive film as a way to attract users to make business.

This model is dramatically simple, build an sharp and pretty film with HTML5 technique, where people can interact with the film. I mean this film is not a typical video game, which is also interactive. First of all, it is an art with the intricate plot as well as the nice flow. It is also possibly an episode, where massive users can play different roles in the film. Many nice, romantic, and creative things you can come out as a film…

In all, film, as an old entertainment, can be used in a new way, because the technology has changed.

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