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From mosquitoes to business ideas

September 5, 2010

Time to start

One of my friends, a first-year Ph.D. student, wants to get married and is decorating his house. The house he bought is about 50 years old with a big yard. He just got this as a good deal in this spring.

He is one of my best buddies. Of course, it is my duty to help him out to build the house.

Everything is Okay. I felt very excited building the wall panels. The problem occurred when we tried to build the shed in the yard. The grass around the house might have not got mowed for months. There are some trees around the house. Mosquitoes, tons of them are hiding under the grass and on the tree leaves.

I almost have never experienced the heavy attacks from Mosquito for almost 10 years. Within 3 hours of working to build the shed, I was attacked over 15 times. My lower arms and upper arms were all attacked by the Mosquito. What a bad day!

This makes me think of the possible new business ideas. We all know the insect control is very important for life. But, now there are still not much fancy business about insect control. It is still relatively expensive to control the insects. Such as my friend, who is still a graduate student, can not afford much for this. How about creating a low cost national wide insect control business.

Is it possible? I would think it is very possible. There are many small insect control dealers in almost every town. Some of them have not much business. Our business can hire these small insect control dealers or even hire college students for doing this. The uniqueness of such business are

(1) The insect control is national wide. It is then possible for one insect control dealer to serve more than one towns and regions at a time.

(2) The business is more prompt than the traditional insect control dealers, because we can look for insect control dealers across different regions.

(3) We will provide the customers with constant and helpful information through our website or mobile phone for how to control these insects by themselves. Such customer service is usually not available from small insect control dealers.

(4) Want to use our service again? Yes, it is easy. We have your profile, the insect history. A single click through your laptop or smart phone will get our service delivered to you within 24 hours!

Hope this article helps someone who can start such business.

This image belongs to Flickr Creative Commons

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