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LearnBoost and NodeJS

September 6, 2010

NodeJS and LearnBoost

NodeJs becomes more and more popular. Its community also increases every day. LearnBoost, a recent startup for open education, is one of such companies within NodeJS community.

LearnBoost has created two very influential open source projects:

(1) Socket.IO-node/Socket.IO. It can be used for real time communication between client and server.

(2) Mongoose. It can be used to query MongoDB in NodeJS. Mongoose has been widely used in the NodeJS community.

With Socket.IO and Mongoose, user can create very sharp (real time, fast data query) web applications. The main developers are Guillermo Rauch, Nathan White, and Arnout Kazemier. LearnBoost has applied the technology on their website, the traffic of which has increased 3 times within several months.

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