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Diaspora’s first release, Congratulations!

September 16, 2010

Promise it, Make it

Today, Diaspora announced the first release of their screenshot and  code. After they raised about $200, 641 from Kickstarter, some people still suspect they can make the first release after a summer of work, while the team promised to come back this fall.

But, they made it.

Back to a month ago, we have made some critics of first look of its UI, we however still greatly endorse the spirit of  Diaspora, which is to decentralzie the Web and increase the privacy control. We also believe Diaspora’s move can have deep influence on the social-network and Web in general.

The first release of Diaspora code using MongoDB and Ruby technique. They finished the major coding in a summer. It may mean that if you want to get your first coding project out of door really fast, MongoDB and Ruby are best choices for a current.

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