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Skip the middlemen, Hire the experts: ThoughtBot

September 16, 2010

Open company is on its way… to save our Web

If you do not like web and believe web is dead, you argument can be supported by the monthly-old Wired article. We do not want to argue the basic point of Wired is wrong. But, the interpretation based on the Cisco estimate is really biased. Social network increased significantly these years, but Social Network was not accounted in the graph. Video increased dramatically. Again, it also does not account in the article. Then What’s wrong? Why people feel sad and disappointed about our Web?

Simple answer: mainly, it is because the awfully designed webs float around.

Again, Web is dead? Yes, it is because users, small companies have less control of Web. Our web are controlled by several big giants, Google, MS, Apple, Facebook…. What you can do with them, they are too big. They control almost everything, the resources, the protocol, the future web, what it will look like.

However, I believe Web will not die at all, and it will continue to grow in another sense. My argument is against the Wired citation data? Somehow Yes, but will my argument be against fundamental human social principles? No. Let me explain why and give you an example.

It is all because there are some real enthusiasts really working hard to make usable Web. One of them is thoughtbot. One thing making Thoughtbot interesting is that it has kept web design really in their mind. By making some interesting reflection of the Web design, Thoughtbot is distinguished from other web design companies.

Another impressive thing about Thoughtbot is that it supports open source movement by open sourced many of their projects. One of these projects is hoptoad_notifier, which can be used to report exceptions to hoptoadapp, is really gainning a huge popularity. The factory_girl aims to simplify the database test also has been used by many Web developers.

Company like Thoughtbot gains its reputation and business success not by claiming many patents rather by opening its intelligence resources to public probably can indicate a new business model. These open companies save Web from death and make it long live!

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