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Do you know Wubi? Use it if you wana install Ubuntu

September 18, 2010

Makes my life easy!

I have played with Linux for more than 4 years on my Laptop. It is a duo boot systems. I always use two OS, one is Windows and another is Ubuntu. Lately I also tried Linux Mint, which is quite decent too.The due core system works just OK. I have to hack many stuffs (both hardware and software) in order to make two OS work together.

For my iMac, i use Vmware fusion for working with Ubuntu. My experience of Vmware fusion is just OK, since i do not like too much about operating one OS in another. The usability is not really that impressive mainly due to the limited size of windows of Vmware fusion.

Either option seems not that great!

Tonight In installed Ubuntu on Windows, and I feel quite happy with Wubi, which was mainly developed and maintained by Agostino Russo. It does not require you to hack a lot of software and hardware for installing Ubuntu on Windows. You basically just install it and can remove it at any time without the need of touching your disk very much. I installed the Ubuntu on the external hard driver, which works just cool!

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