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OpenOffice, one future

September 25, 2010

Office war is no completed, it is just starting…

OpenOffice might be a quite unfamiliar term for you, if you do not use Linux platform very much. But, in case you use Linux, the default doc application is Openoffice.

There is nothing making you feel excited?

You probably will still say: in local machine environment, I use MS Office. Online, I use Google Doc. Thats it!

Yes, you are probably right. This is also the situation for many more beside of you. The question is do you know Netbook? Will you use it in the future? If you answer: YES. Then you will likely use OpenOffice at some point. As we know, many Netbook OS is built with Linux Kernel. The famous Google ChromeOS is also built on the top of Linux kernel. For Linux, there are really not very many document applications beside OpenOffice.

In addition, Oracle is also investing heavily into OpenOffice. The goal of Oracle seems to be clear: utilizing the technical power of OpenOffice to make an online version of OpenOffice, directly competing with Google Doc.

Have I convinced you? If so, Openoffice now is very open to the community. Its user experiences team is seeking help. Do not be late!

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