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To use MSN, MS needs to make sure IE also works online

October 2, 2010
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Why So?

Very accidentally, I somehow setup my IE8 work offline. It is a pure human accidental error. Everything is OK, because my major browser is Firefox and Google Chrome.

Just a moment ago, i tried to log in to MSN to connect with my friends. MSN does not allow me to log in with error codes 80048051. I remember i have mistakenly set computer time clock to a wrong date, then MSN did not work because of that.

I double checked the computer time, 100% accurate! What’s wrong? I then went to Google for a help, input the keywords “msn error code 80048051”.

Yahoo answer gives me a solution. It is because, in order to use MSN, IE has to be in the online mode. That’s really weired.

Why IE has to be in the online mode in order to log in to MSN? Does this mean IE contantly collect your computer information when you use MSN? If it is true, is MS somehow violating end user privacy?

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