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A critical reflection of Qwiki

October 4, 2010

Lets make information more entertainment!

Qwiki has won the finalist of TechCrunch just last Friday. There are both positive and negative comments about Qwiki.

Good or Bad?

We believe Qwiki  is a very nice idea, even with the negative comments and predication floating around. Why? If you are heavy mobile device users, you know how inconvenient it is using search function on Android or iPhone.

People simply do not like opening the browser to search on the mobile devices due to the small screen. You really have to be very patient to scroll your screen back and forth.  This is a huge search usability issue for Google to solve.

But now it is solved by Qwiki.

What really great about Qwiki is that it visualizes your search, making search become an entertainment rather than a burden.

Is Qwiki safe now?

So, does this mean Qwiki is safe? Not at all. What Qwiki is doing is really easy to be copied by other companies like Google, which has tons of top notches software engineers and visual designers. Qwiki of course realizes this by applying patent to protect their invention. But all of us know patent can not protect you from being copied.

Our suggestions

Yes, we have some. It is to make Qwiki open. Is this a ridiculous idea?

We all know so many search engines have failed. The technology behind of those failed search engines are not worse than Google at all, or even better. But why are they failed? A simple reason is that nobody cares about those search engines, even they can offer some good search results.

Qwiki takes some more advantages than those failed search engines, because it targets at mobile devices and information entertainment. However, if the Qwiki idea is copied by some other companies, then Qwiki’s invention will not take leading advantages anymore.

Why open could help? Think about the great impact of Diaspora. It becomes world wide known in a matter of half year. If Qwiki can take similar approaches, it may mean it also can make another great impact in the coming months.

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