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Why America can not make high precision machine tools

October 7, 2010

Made in US or made in world

It is known US manufacturing is outsourcing to Asia, South America. But no one has take much attention to the high precision machine tools, which is used for the manufacturing of Automotive, airplane, medical devices. Parallel kinematic machine (PKM) is one such very innovative machine, which can be used generally for hard monotone and hazardous work like spot welding, arc welding and handling. These tasks typically require high accuracy and stability.

It is known US is the leading nation for inventing the high precision machine tools. As a current, most of original ideas of these high precision machine tools are generated from in USA.

However it turns out that most famous Parallel kinematic machine (PKM) companies are mostly based in Europe. Among them, Tricept is the leading one.  It has already taken about 70% of world market. Karl-Erik Neumann is the founder of the PKM. in 1994, He founded Tricept PKM. By 2004, his second company exechon has made a breakthrough of designing and manufacturing the second generation PKM.

Interestingly, most of Exechon PKM manufacture partners are China, India, Taiwan, and South Korea. There is not a single partner from USA! The following graph shows the Exechon patterns around world.

In order to have US manufacturing power recovered, high precision machine tools like PKM are among top priorities.

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