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Flockdb: Twitter’s powerful weapon

October 10, 2010

Graph Database: for Social Network

We have written an article months ago dedicated to describing the power of graph based database: Open source graph database – Neo4j and Infogrid.

Today, we will introduce another graph database, FlockDB. It is described as distributed and fault tolerant database. It is made by Robey PointerNick Kalle, John Kalucki, Ed Ceaser, employees of Twitter.

Very interestingly, different from most Graph database which are mostly written with C or C++, Flockdb is written by Scala, a very new language. As matter of fact, Twitter is said switching their entire products to Scala. Scala has excellent performance for distributed systems, easy to scale. Compared with Ruby, it has more advantages of memory garbage collection.

How good of FlockDB?

Based on the dev team description:

1. Twitter uses FlockDB to store social graphs (who follows whom, who blocks whom) and secondary indices. As of April 2010, the Twitter FlockDB cluster stores 13+ billion edges and sustains peak traffic of 20k writes/second and 100k reads/second.

2. FlockDB is much simpler than other graph databases such as neo4j because it tries to solve fewer problems. It scales horizontally and is designed for on-line, low-latency, high throughput environments such as web-sites.

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