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Do you have iPhone4? You may need a stand!

October 15, 2010

We may need more!

You maybe definitely surprised for how successful of the Dan Provost Kickstarter project: iPhone4 Tripod Mount & Stand.

Until present, they have raised $102,362, with 4017 backers. Can you imagine this number?  I and my friends had talked about the similar idea in the last year, when we drove our car and wanted to use the GPS function of iPhone. With a simple stand, you can do many more jobs easily!

It is Dan and his friends who are doing a good job to turn the simple idea to a real product. Most important, they utilized kickstarter as the platform to raise the initial funding. Thomas Gerhardt and Dan Provost also founded a company called theglif to manufacture this.

If you are interested in their past design, please go to therussiansusedapencil. You may be impressed for their taste of a product design.

Bottom line? iPhone4 definitly needs a sharp stand: cute, easy to carry on, simply love it!

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