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A quick look of InnovationWorks (ChuangXin)

September 1, 2011

Someone may argue ChuangXin (创新工场), also called Innovation (创新) Works (工场) is just a place for copying new IT ideas from US to China.

But is it really? Lets look at a list of incubated companies by Chuangxin or innovationworks based on:

(1) (smartphone OS)


(3) data analysis tool

(4) image processing

(5) cloud computing, game cloud

(6) android app store

(7) HTML5 for mobile

(8) blog

(9) QA

(10) very early stage, social e-Commerical

(11) order food from westernized food chain stores like Pizzahut

From this portfolio, it seems Chuangxin has not really incubated any companies, which invented dramatic new ideas. Some of these companies are indeed similar to existing ones in US like diandian.

But fair to say, within 3 years, ChuangXin has done tremendous work, incubated 11 companies. Some of these companies such as looa and dianxinos are very interesting.

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