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Whose Economy Has It Worst? – a Reflection

November 14, 2011

Whose Economy Has It Worst link:

This article is actually among handful articles, which says US has promising future. US has its own problem. China has its too. The fundamental competency between these two countries lies in (1) innovation (2) hard work

If you are innovative enough, you do not have to work hard. Because you are much smarter than others. Others can work for you. NO, work for your brain.

However, if you are not really not that smart, you have to work fairly hard as others, otherwise you will be suffering from being poor and possibly bankrupt.

The third competency may lie in SOUL. But, who knows, what is really a competitive soul.  It is hard to quantify like being smart or working hard.

Chinese definitely can work hard, with low salary. Chinese is not necessarily smarter than American. But at least not stupid than American.  So this maybe able to explain why US government has to borrow money from China.

But Chinese government makes un-smart decisions. Not distributing the huge amount money earning from export to citizens, but manipulating it on the government own decisions such as investing it to infrastructure market, which again cause great inflation.

China Government also has not waken up for its one child policy, which is just equal to killing its own people, kill 10 million  un-born babies per year? Yes, that is very likely be.  In this world, there are not really any countries doing it, or will ever even attempt to do it.

So what is wrong with China? I have put some continuous thoughts into it. All in all, I think this boils down to SOUL. China has a long tradition of being big government. People are used to it, although the pain from it is also huge.

Live with pain. Live in a compromise. Live in a conservative status. Live in an as peaceful as possible environment  — Chinese

Live in a as much as feasible liberal environment. Live for right. Live in a as comfortable as possible life styles —American

Stay tuned for more thoughts!

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