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This is newsIcare community. We started from university students. For now, most of us are graduate students. More people are being expected to join in this vibrant and open community. We are working and will work hard as volunteers for creating a unique and open space for all of us.

If you are working on your startup day and night, if you like the open company, open school, open tech idea, if you are striving hard for your success as us, let us know you:

Follow us:

Our community value:

(1) Be open. We firmly support open company, open education, and open technology. We would very like to work with both open and non-open tech supporters. The simple goal is to make every one achieve the best performance.

(2) Be evidence based. Our work is not based on guess and faked data.

(3) Environment. We also deeply care about environment. We believe technology should explicitly consider the environmental impact.

Our community culture:

Public good, self empowered, and passionate

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1-31-2013, 0:38 AM
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