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Our Philosophy

NewsIcare is a community for open company, open education, and open technology. Our community works based on the belief that cooperation, education, and technology are fundamental forces for human society development. we all need to access and share resources equally, with these resources to create new adventures and achievements.

We believe:

Equal: All humans have equal chances to obtain knowledge and utilize resources. The equality is not geography, color, race, age, gender, sex orientation, intelligence,religion, fortune, history, and disability differentiated. It should not be biased in any sense.

Open, Collaborate, and Share: Open is the easiest way to unite people. Coordinative work is efficient in solving problems. Share with others can get feedbacks, improving our work to an extremity.

Reward: Open techniques and open sources do not mean no rewards to the work. It means rewarding people in a unique way, untraditional way, and optimal way. Our community is working for continuously optimizing the rewarding process.

Philosophy is only applicable to specific social and environment contexts.  Our philosophy statement will be evolved forward with time.

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7-18-2010, 0:18 AM

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